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A much loved home and fashion goods in textiles business is run by the Jain family for the last thirty years.. The alluring textiles offered by RATAN is known for its rich colors and delicate patterns that are often nature inspired The art and process of hand printing on fabric has evolved with the passage of time from textiles to handmade paper as well and has its own importance. It's a process that involves lot of creativity with the love of our experienced artisans. We have a advantage of a skilled workforce of over 300 personnel to produce products that ...
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Certification &


We at Ratan Textiles Pvt. Ltd. Are committed to supply very high quality products to global markets. We commit ourselves to address the social accountability requirements by achieving and sustaining:

  • Continued compliance to all the requirements of the SA: 8000 International Standard.
  • Compliance with all national and other requirements and respect the international instruments applicable to the company.
  • Commitment to continual improvement in all our working and workplace practices and in insuring the health and safety of all our employees.