Chhipa Prints N Craft Pvt.Ltd.


Chhipa Prints N Craft Pvt.Ltd.


The word “CHHIPA” is derived from the Hindi word “Chhapa”, which means Block or the device through which block printing is done. Thus, Chhipa is a community or a society of hand block printers, the printers that led to the origin of hand block printing. In fact, Chhipa is the oldest and the pioneer when it comes to hand block printing. All the products are hand block printed with vegetable and organic dyes on them. It consists of block printed products that are basically traditional Jaipuri designs on different types of fabrics like cotton, silk, jute, tussar, gadwal, chanderi etc. Chhipa hand block printing, on the highest quality pure cotton, begins with handmade teak printing blocks. The wood-blocks are hand carved in elaborate designs, each colour is printed with a different block to complete the motif. A high degree of skill is required for both the placement of motifs and the application of pressure. For each scarf pattern, the printer designs from one to thirty print blocks, each of which takes two days to carve. Printers stamp every three-meter block of cloth approximately one thousand times. All the embroideries, beads, sitara work and decorative stitching are done by hand, mostly by the people of our own community.

Starting from dying to packing, everything is brought about in our own warehouse in Jaipur and due to this reason only we can provide our customers with exactly what they want at very affordable prices.

Chhipa’s endeavour is to bring customers a choice of products – and lifestyle – that offers an alternative to the mass-produced, while creating sustainable livelihoods in the rural sector.



In the age of mass production, where most of the goods are manufactured by machines and using chemicals, Chhipa distinguishes its products from the rest by its prints, sense of designs and range of colours that are natural, craft based, contemporary and affordable. This ancient textile art has been revived in modern designs and exotic patterns, ranging from pastel florals to dramatic geometrics.

Today this cultural tradition has been kept alive in villages through Rajasthan due to the passionate efforts of companies like CHHIPA.



Our in-house team of designers work round the year in designing new innovative styles, patterns and products, according to fashion and market trends in the Home textiles area as up to date ready to wear fashion, creating both traditional and contemporary looks . We constitute the products like Salwar Suits, Skirts, Kurtas, Tops, etc. We also have kids dresses, gents wear and handicrafts. Each product is block printed with traditional work on them. The range of colors is vast from bright to pastel to dark earthy colors. The range is well coordinated and one can find most things needed in homes like bedspreads, quilts, cushion covers, bed sheets, table covers, cushions, curtains, mats and other accessories which will almost furnish your house. There are small sections that sell the basic clothing like duppatas, stoles, bags, purses and scarf among other things. Throughout the year, range of items are constantly evolving and expanding. From dying of cloth to packing of the product each product is made in our own factory. And because of this reason only we can provide with what our customer wants and that too in a very reasonable rates. Chhipa is also an Exporter and wholesaler of all the above products.


The Company is well known as an alternative role model for good business practices, and the ongoing revival of traditional textile skills. Chhipa is an outstanding example of what can be achieved when work ethic and skill are applied to an ancient craft. Using the knowledge and techniques that have been passed down through many generations, the art of block printing brings passion and excitement into the 21st century. Chhipa has also been developing products in specialised areas such as appliqué, embroidery, patchwork and bead work, which now constitute a significant part of its product range.

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